Something about the new Summer Fridays Overtime Mask screamed “BUY!” when I first heard about it. I haven’t gotten to try the raved about Jet Lagged mask yet, and I have read so many good reviews about it, but with the holidays around the corner, I could not resist this spiced pumpkin goodness by this young brand!

And, girl, am I glad I got it! I am not a fan of everything pumpkin, and I am not on the pumpkin-spice bandwagon, but I love how this mask smells and feels on my skin! The scent is very bright, spicy but natural. Smells legit like a pumpkin spice latte. The texture is creamy but light, with exfoliating apricot seed granules gently massaging and clearing out skin congestions. Overtime Mask is packed with vitamins A, K and C, E, as well as pumpkin, which contains natural enzymes and antioxidants, leaving skin plump, smooth and radiant.

This mask is great to transition your skin into the new season. Perfect way to mask-away summer’s skin damages from sun, polluted air, overexposure to AC, as well as sleepless nights (I’m with you here!)

CONS: I am not thrilled about the packaging of this mask. Yes, it is convenient to use, but it starts to look wrinkled-up from the moment your start squeezing the product out. I also think the price is a tad too high for the amount of product you get ($44!). Definitely is a great mask, but not sure I would re-purchase it often at this price.

Summer Fridays Overtime MaskSummer Fridays Overtime Mask Summer Fridays Overtime Mask Summer Fridays Overtime Mask Summer Fridays Overtime Mask



Summer Fridays Overtime Mask ($44)