You have been living under a rock if you haven’t noticed the recent hype surrounding facial rollers in skincare world. I have been using various rollers for a while now, so it is about the time I share my input. I was recently asked to do a review of jade roller I got from Amazon, so I thought I would also throw in the rollers I’ve already been using. The beautiful thing with facial rollers is that there are options for any budget, and all work just as great. The more expensive rollers are a bit more polished and carefully glued together, but the cheaper options with a few cosmetic dings perform just as good if you prefer to stick to low budget options.

Jade Face Roller

I always keep one roller in my freezer for that cooling, pore-tightening experience (the roller above on the left has been chilled). Perfect to cool off and close your pores on a hot day or after a nice bath.

The rollers are also great to use at a room temperature to help with serum or face oil absorption. By simply rolling over freshly cleaned face with a few drops of your favorite serum or oil, you get the blood flowing and your skin absorbs all the powerful ingredients even better. I seriously notice a huge difference of using a roller after applying my serums or oils vs regular “patting” application. Skin feels way more plump and bouncy, and facial lines smooth out.

Facial rollers are designed to aid lymphatic drainage and reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles. They are a perfect way to destress and relax your facial muscles, as well as to detoxify your skin. Most rollers have two sides, one larger (for face), and one smaller roller to use on small areas like under eyes.

Jade Face Roller Jade Face Roller Jade Face Roller Jade Face Roller

The rose quartz has similar skin benefits as jade. I like this mushroom shaped “roller” because it is super easy to use. It simply glides over freshly hydrated face, very smooth and de-stressing.

Rose Quartz Face Roller Rose Quartz Face Roller


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