Lately I’ve been experimenting with new green beauty products. I’ve been having fun trying out booty scrubs, oils and masks, boobie masks, natural oil serums, and most recently have splurged on a decolletage treatment by 5 YINA after finding out about it through Boxwalla. To be totally honest, I did not quickly jump on to a $65 boobie balm wagon, but after reading more about the brand and this particular product, I decided I owe it to myself as a woman.

Let me tell you…Guiying Decolletage Treatment changed my ways! It has this magical silky-smooth texture which quickly turns into buttery balm upon contact with skin. This treatment balm is perfect for nourishing the delicate breasts, chest and neck area. It is formulated with potent medicinal plants that promote lympatic circulation in your body.  Daily use of this balm infused with botanical oils promotes skin elasticity, protects skin from free radical damage, and smoothes appearance of stretch marks. My favorite part is that this treatment was created around the idea of encouraging women to do self breast exams in efforts to fight breast cancer. I have incorporated this treatment into my daily self-care ritual, and I look forward to a gentle decolletage massage every night before going to sleep. The balm leaves my skin soft and smooth, and my breasts firm, perky and radiant, while its intoxicating botanical scent helps me to relax and wind down at the end of the day.

I liked this balm so much that I hurried to order another jar to have as a backup once the first one runs out. Luckily, a little goes a long way, so you don’t need much of the product each time. If you want to splurge a little on yourself, or to give a special woman in your life a meaningful gift, this is it!

Guiying Decolletage Treatment 

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While at it, I decided to also try the All Seasons Beauty Balm, which is a multi-tasking balm for just about anything on your body. I personally like to use it on dry patches of skin, lips, bumps and irritations, under eyes at night, but it can also be used as cuticle and hair treatment. I have noticed how quickly skin heals after applying this balm. Most of my blemishes or dry patches are gone after two nights of applying this balm, while under eye skin seems brighter and more even-toned. The slight rose scent is divine and calming. And I certainly love the compact size of this balm, which makes it my go-to product to bring with me while traveling. You’ve got yourself a night face balm, eye treatment, cuticle oil, lip balm, and more — all in this little jar!

All Seasons Beauty Balm 

5 Yina Balm 5 Yina Balm 5 Yina Balm 5 Yina Balm 5 Yina Balm 5 Yina Balm


5 YINA Guiying Decolletage Treatment ($65)

5 YINA All Seasons Beauty Balm ($28)