I’ve been wanting to share this amazing find with you:  Trigger Point Roller.

I’ve been sufferring from a reoccuring back pain and a pinched nerve for several years now, it gets super painful and frustraiting at times. This roller has helped me avoid major back pains and aches since I started using it. I mostly use it for my back, but there are other targeted muscle massage uses for it too. The roller is designed to release tight muscles by triggering various muscle groups. I can hear my spine cracking and adjusting every time I start to roll my back on the roller. It’s great at releasing the tension after excercising as well. I try to “roll” at least once a day, it really just becomes a habit like brushing your teeth.

I bought my roller from Amazon (about $40), but there are many varieties available to match your needs. This is a great investment for your health and well-being!

back roller

back roller 2



Trigger Point Roller ( similar here )