So I’ve got an opportunity to do something different today by reviewing a…razor! Gentlemen, listen up! It’s time to ditch those disposable or battery-operated razors and switch to the high-quality double-edge safety razor. I’ll give you a few reasons why you’d want to buy Evahs Double Blade Safety Razor:

  • The double edge safety razor provides a close shave with minimal irritation.
  • High quality platinum-coated blades (2 are included with your razor purchase).
  • Replacing blades saves money in the long run compared to replacing disposable razors.
  • It’s eco friendly! Help save the environment by reducing the plastic waste.
  • Beautiful packaging makes a perfect gift for that special man in your life (you count as well!).

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This razor looks and feels luxurious from the moment you open the box. The platinum coated blades provide a sharp and long-lasting edge for a close shave. The long handle gives you a good grip. This is a great razor to start off with as a wet-shaving beginner. I used my dad as my “Guinea pig” to test out this product and he was very pleased with the razor’s performance and overall design.

Ladies, with Valentine’s Day coming up, a razor like this would be a great and thoughtful gift for men (Am I right, fellas?). You’re welcome for the heads-up =)

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I’ve had fun learning a new to me topic of wet shaving. Hope my Evahs Double Edge Safety Razor Review was helpful!



Evahs Double Blade Safety Razor 

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