I’ve had my eye on DIOR Creme De Rose for years, but didn’t find the price tag was convincing enough to buy it. Well, I caved it last week…

The classic white packaging was a turn off for me when I saw it before, but, honestly, I now find it rather glamorous. Very vintage-looking. The petal pink shade and the delicate scent of roses seems a bit cliche, but this balm stands out from the rest. And you can trust me with lip balms!

Creme De Rose easily melts onto your finger after you break through the initial barrier. I like not having to rub my finger into the balm for too long to get some product. This lip balm is very rich and creamy. Even with my constant lip-licking, it stays on for a long time. I apply it overnight to wake up to hydrated and plump lips. The proclaimed plumping effect isn’t what you typically think of. There is no tingling or redness involved, nor does it feel “minty” when applied. It is mainly soothing, making your lips even-toned and smooth.

I wished the SPF was higher that the SPF10 in this balm, but it does contain Vitamins A and E, Shea Butter and Rose essential oil. The scent isn’t overpowering at all, and it doesn’t taste “perfumy” like many lip balms do.

I’m glad I got over the price tag and purchased this product. Will definitely buy again and recommend it to everyone else!

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DIOR Creme De Rose