I’ve talked about my Dermaroller on the blog before (here). It’s a painful procedure, but I love the effect it has once my skin heals from the tiny punctures. Well, I discovered a similar tool that uses micro needles, but this time it’s in a “stamp” form. A Dermastamp!

I like this so much better! It feels less painful and the 90 degree angle makes the needles go in smoothly. You can also choose the length of your needles from 1.0mm to 2.5mm. I went with the 2.5mm, well, because more is more!

Unlike the Dermaroller, Dermastamp is perfect for treating small and hard-to-reach areas. The tiny titanium ally needles are used to “stamp” the skin and promote collagen production and skin regeneration. It is used to help treat acne, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, small scars, stretch marks, surgery and burn scars, etc.

Dermastamp arrives in a box and is inside a sealed plastic tube which is used for storage. The needles have a cap cover to keep them clean. I use the cap to clean and sterilize the needles as well. Just pour some rubbing alcohol into the tiny cap, then put the cap on the needle tool. Give it a shake for a few seconds, then pour out the remaining alcohol out of the cap. Ready to be used or stored!

Derma Stamp 5 Derma Stamp 4 Derma Stamp 3 Derma Stamp 1 Derma Stamp 2



Dermastamp ($19)