I don’t know about you, but to me, shopping for glasses is extremely overwhelming. When these are endless options available out there to chose from, it is hard to keep your mind focused on one particular style or brand. I have recently gone to get my eyes checked, and decided it was time to order a new pair of glasses. I could not make up my mind on a pair from the selection at my optometrist office, so I did a little research online on fashionable sunglasses. Although the selection is certainly much bigger online, it is not helpful not being able to try the glasses you like before you commit to purchasing a pair.

So, I was thrilled to find Warby Parker glasses. Not only their styles are fun and minimalistic, you get to try gasses for free before you buy! How does this work? You can pick up to 5 pairs online and have them shipped to you for free. After trying the glasses on, you have 5 days to ship them back, also free of charge. Once you decide which style you liked the most, you can order a pair with your actual prescription. Simple as that!

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I love the convenience Warby Parker provides with the free shipping and return of try-on glasses. This makes shopping for prescription glasses more fun. Check out the website and see how different styles look on different models. There are fun color options to chose from in every style. Here are the ones I have picked to try on.

WELTY in Whiskey Tortoise

WP glasses 2 WP glasses 3 WP glasses 4 WP glasses 5 WP glasses 6

SIMONE in Tea Rose Fade

WP glasses 7 WP glasses 8 WP glasses 9 WP glasses 10

WELTY in Eastern Bluebird Fade

WP glasses 12 WP glasses 13 WP glasses 14

FINCH in Violet Magnolia

WP glasses 11

DAISY in Jet Black

WP glasses 15 WP glasses 16

Trying these styles on has definitely helped me make up my mind. Different styles suit different face shapes, so there is no standard “good fit” for all. I noticed that the styles all fit differently too, some are wider than the others, some have wider nose bridge, etc. Although my mind was pretty much set on “Simone”, once I actually got to try them on, I realized they’re smaller than I imagined them to be. I am going with “Welty” as my final pick, but I have yet to decide on the color.  If you need help with making up your mind, take some pictures of you wearing different styles and let your friends and family chose their favorite look. Note that Werby parker also carries sunglasses and prescription sunglasses.

(This post is not sponsored by Werby Parker, all opinions are my own.)



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