Today I’m sharing with you the amazing results of Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation by GRESSA. I’ve been introduced to this product since the beginning of this year, and haven’t had the need to use anything else. I’ve always been a fan of BB Creams because of their light coverage and moisturizing effect. This foundation is very different from anything I’ve tried before. It’s oil based, but turns into powdery finish once it’s applied. The skincare-based makeup is everything I’ve been dreaming of! Not only does it even out your skin tone, but it clears up your complexion with powerful botanical extracts. It’s good for any skin types, although I’d assume those with a very oily skin would want to use a little finishing powder to reduce the shine. I will share my favorite natural powder finish in another post.

Swatches below: 02 and 03 (Left to Right)

Foundation Swatch Dark

Foundation Swatch 5

Foundation Swatch 4

02 is for Fair-Light, Pink Undertones

03 is for Light Medium, Olive and Slightly Warmer Undertones

I’m currently using 02, but when I get some sun, I mix 02 with 03 to create a custom color. It’s quite easy to blend this foundation. I just use an empty used Gressa foundation bottle and mix my own ration of the two colors. Perfect solution for the in-between tones or seasonal color changes. Just remember which is which =)

After blending it with my finger:

Foundation Swatch 1

I’m absolutely in awe with Gressa’s Air Focus Foundation Brush. So soft and fluffy, and it evenly distributes the oil-to-powder foundation. Just a few drops of the Corrective Serum Foundation, depending on the coverage you want, and you have a healthy-looking glowing face!

Gressa Brush 4

Gressa Brush 2

Gressa Brush 3

Gressa Brush 1

Excuse me while I find the best lighting to show you the results…I am wearing ONLY some eyebrow pencil (my one and only here) and Gressa Corrective Serum Foundation. The face was prepped with Gressa Purifying Oil right before applying the foundation. I don’t feel like anything else is needed for a daily wear, since my face looks bright and even. Best part, the face is breathing! Less is more with Gressa.

Selfie Foundation 3


Selfie Foundation 2

Selfie Foundation 5

Selfie Foundation 6

Selfie Foundation 7



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