Lavender oil is made of fragrant Lavender flowers and is probably the most widely used aromatherapy ingredient. Although I don’t like it being used as a daily perfume or fragrance, I love it’s presence in bath soaks and salts, massage oils and aromatherapy. Lavender oil is powerful in relieving tension, pain, aching and sore muscles, and helps in achieving a restful sleep. It is also used as a potent disinfecting and antiseptic agent in skincare and acne treatment, speeding up the process of healing of wounds, burns, cuts, and so on. When combined with Chamomile oil, Lavender oil makes a great natural eczema remedy.

I mainly use Lavender oil to help me relax at night and get a restful sleep, or to get rid of headaches, body pains, tension and sore muscles. Adding a few drops of this oil to my hot bath creates a relaxing and soothing spa experience. Breathing in Lavender oil helps with respiratory problems, such as when you get sick. I always make sure I take a hot Lavender oil bath when I feel I’m coming down with a cold – it helps me feel better much faster.

First Botany Lavender Oil First Botany Lavender Oil

I have mentioned in my previous posts that I suffer from sleep inconsistencies. Some days I need extra help, so I take a bath with Lavender oil, then rub a tiny bit of oil onto my temples. This helps to calm down my busy mind and fall asleep. Even though I rely on sleep aid supplements a lot, I much rather use this natural remedy when I can. I’ve recenlty got my hands on this lovely Bulgarian Lavender Oil by First Botany. I love the dropper top it comes with – makes it so much easier to control the amount you use.

First Botany Lavender Oil First Botany Lavender Oil



Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil by First Botany