The view of Mt. Rainier never fails to amaze me on a clear sunny day! By no means am I promoting everyone moving here: it rains ALL the time and we are doomed to perish from The Very Big One. But if you have never been to Washington, summer is the best time to visit this beautiful state. Every year people gather for the Seattle Seafair to watch Blue Angels Air Show over Lake Washington, and it is always super fun and breath-taking! If you get a chance to be on the boat for the show — even better! Thousands of people gather for a great time with their families and friends: drinks, food, loud music, water activities, and more. If you are bringing your kids, watch out of the topless ladies though =)


Ok, I was sarcastic about the constant rain and the destruction theory…But it IS getting a bit overcrowded in here! Here are some pictures from the Air Show!

seafair 3

seafair 1

seafair 9

seafair 8

seafair 7

seafair 5

seafair 6

seafair 2

seafair 4

Have a beautiful rest of the summer, my friends!