Petit Vour December Box got here just in time for Christmas! I notices that my box was shipped out earlier than usual this month, so I appreciate PV’s effort to get the pink box to their subscribers on time for the holidays.

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MAI Couture Blush Papier

I think this blush papers are a cool concept. It’s a blotting paper that is also infused with beautiful colors of blush pearls to give your face a fresh glow. I try to keep my makeup bad at a minimum when I travel, but sometimes end up carrying a few items I may only need for one evening out. This blush solves that problem – it’s such a space-saver and no need for a brush!

Fliers Blush Mai Couture 2 Mai Couture 1

ZABANA Essentials Glow Stick in “Bare Beauty

Balms Balms Balms! I love balms! Especially the multi-taskers like this one! The first thing that caught my attention about this “glow stick” was the ah-mazing tropical smell! (Reminds me of my favorite mango cuticle balm). It’s a moisturizing balm for your face, lips and body – whatever floats your boat. Among it’s ingredients are grape seed, avocado, and flax seed oils; shea butter, nectarine extract, and others. Great combination of natural and powerful ingredients!

The description of this Glow Stick claims to have a him tot mica shimmer for added sun-kissed glimmer, but I don’t notice any of it, at least not in the “Bare Beauty”. It’s a bit misleading to think of it as a highlighter. But I do love it’s moisturizing effect on my dry patches and lips!

Zabana Stick 2

Zabana Stick 1

Blissoma Scentless Stick Natural Deodorant

This deodorant stick by Blissoma excited me at the first glance because of it’s retractable packaging. Yay to not getting my hands dirty! But no, the formula is just too dry to be able to go on smoothly. It crumbles as soon as you touch it, so the only way to apply it is to dab it on and massage it into your skin with fingers. Which pretty much defies the purpose of the retractable stick packaging. The stick also leaves a messy clay-like residue and gets on your clothes if you are not careful.

As far as the effectiveness though, this deodorant does a good job at keeping armpits dry and odor-free. The sweat absorbing powders work well at fighting moisture and stink. Pretty good for a toxin-free natural deodorant. To be honest, I am still much happier with my Routine Deodorant as far as natural deodorants go.

Deodorant 2 Deodorant 1

KANI Botanicals Petal Polish Face Mask

I’ve grown to love exfoliating masks as my go-to skin treatments. Brown sugar? Roses? Yes please! This mask-scrub works well at dissolving dead skin cells, revealing younger-looking and soft skin. This mask is full of natural anti-aging skin boosters and antioxidants (Rose Powder  and essential oils, Frankincense and Carrot Seed Oils).

Leave this mask on for a few minutes, then massage gently into your skin. Leaves your face bright and supple!

Petal PolishIMG_1847

This box was an exciting one! It’s wonderful to try some new to me vegan and cruelty-free brands yet again!



Petit Vour Box December 2015

MAI Couture Blush Papier

ZABANA Essentials Glow Stick

Blissoma Scentless Stick Natural Deodorant

KANI Botanicals Petal Polish Face Mask