Continuing my Minsk Photo Diary from my recent trip to Belarus. Today I am showing you Minsk’s central area where the oldest and the newest buildings create quite a variegated city vibe. More than 80 percent of Minsk was destroyed during WW2, so most of the buildings in the city are no older than 60 years. This is reflected in the monumental Stalinist architecture after Minsk, the “Hero City”, was rebuilt by the best Soviet architects.

Minsk Railway Station, one of the newest editions to the city.

vokzal 3 vokzal 2 vokzalMinsk 7 Minsk 6

Minsk City Gates, the symbol of the post-war Minsk.

Minsk 2 Minsk 8 Minsk 10 Minsk 1Minsk 4 Minsk 3 Minsk 11 Me Minsk 4

Independence Square, the central and the largest square in Minsk.

Freedom SquareVictory SquareMinsk 5

KGB Headquarters

KGB 1KGB 2 KGB 3 Me Minsk 2

The Unions Palace

Me Minsk 1 Me Minsk 6 Me Minsk 11

The Catholic Church of the Saint Simeon and Saint Helena is a temple-memorial of the beginning of the 20th century. The beautiful red brick neo-gothic church was built in memory of the dead children of land owner Edward Woynilowicz.

Red Church 3Red Chruch 12 Red Church 11 Red Church 10Red Church 1 Red Church 5Red Church 9Red Church 8 Red Church 14 Red Church 2