I’ve had these Lip Boosts by Gressa Skin for a while now, so it is about time I do a review on them. Gressa Lip Boosts are somewhat a combination of a lip balm and a lipstick/gloss. It is very moisturizing, non-sticky (yay!) and is easily buildable.  You can easily go from a light glossy sheer to a bright and intense pout. The colors are absolutely stunning and unique. There are 6 shades of lip boosts available at the moment, but Gressa’s founder Svetlana seems to be coming up with new fabulous hues every now and then.

Why do I pick these Lip Boosts as my go-to lip colors? Aside from the gorgeous colors and how they feel on my lips, the reason is always the high quality all-natural ingredients this brand offers. Castor seed oil, Shea butter, Mango butter, Seabuckthorn seed oil, Rosemary extract, Vitamin E and Carnauba wax are among the main ingredients in these little jars. Beautiful all organic and vegan ingredients that not only make your lips look good, but also keep them well-hydrated and healthy in the long run.

Let’s look at some colors!

Gressa Lip Boosts

Gressa Lip Boost 1Gressa Lip Boost 5 Gressa Lip Boost 2 Gressa Lip Boost 4 Gressa Lip Boost 3

BARE is the most neutral and natural looking color in Gressa Boosts collection. It is a sheer peachy nude. I love how it can go from a very sheer, slightly visible tint over your natural lip color to a juicy nude lip. This color is not beige at all, so it doesn’t make you look fake like so many “nude” lipsticks do. This is by far my favorite color that matches my favorite no-makeup look.

Bare 1

RADIANT is a playful, feminine and sexy pink. It reminds me of pink Peonies.

Radient 2

BRILLIANT is shimmery and bright. You can play around with this one and mix it with other colors. I love this fun minimalistic tint on it’s own though. It is a great evening color to have!

Brilliant 1

AUX ROUGE first came out around Valentine’s Day (I believe it was last year) and so it represents classic red lips with a retro Gressa twist. I know it looks very dark and almost brown in the jar, but you will see from the swatches below how different this color looks when you apply it. Red lips are not easy to pull off. I love LOVE this “red”, which is very easy to wear and looks very glamorous. A thin layer adds a seductive tint to your lips. Add another layer for strong statement lips.

Aux Rouge 1

Below I am wearing a thin layer of Aux Rouge for my Valentine’s Day photoshoot. As you can see, it is completely different from how it looks in a jar.

V 3

On to the swatches! I tried using slightly different angles so you could catch the full beauty of all these hues.

Swatches 2 Swatches 1 Swatches 5

Gressa Precision Lip Brush  makes Lip Boost application so much easier and effective! You could use your fingers to apply, but I’ve found that using the brush helps you apply the lip boost more evenly, plus it is easier to build the color layer by layer.

Radiant 1 Lip Brush



Gressa Lip Boost

Gressa Precision Lip Brush